How to Measure Your Hand for Mountain Bike Gloves?

For all the bikers out there, the significance of a pair of good-quality hand gloves is extreme. Whether you are a beginner or a pro at biking, you need a stylish pair of gloves that fit your hands well and provides a good grip and comfort.

To measure your hand for a snugly fitting biker glove, measure the length of your hand from the tip of your middle finger to your wrist. For the width, wrap a measuring tape around your knuckle joints, excluding the thumb.

Ulnar Nerve or Cyclist’s Palsy in the Palm

Cyclists palsy is a condition that is experienced by cyclists at large. The rider suffers from pain in his hands and undergoes other symptoms such as:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Weakness
  • Clumsiness
  • Cramping
  • Pain
  • Motor limitation

The reason for this is that the Ulnar nerve gets irritated. The ulnar nerve is a nerve in our arm that runs near the ulnar bone. This nerve passes through the whole arm to our fingers. It controls the movement of the arm at large. It is the largest nerve in the human body that isn’t protected by a muscle or bone; therefore, it is prone to injury.

It is called cyclist’s ‘palsy’ because the muscles of a cyclist’s hands get paralyzed often. This may impact the hands’ motor and sensory functions, but it is subject to the degree of impact caused on the ulnar nerve.

While cycling, the ulnar nerve in the hand and wrist gets compressed. This compression causes irritation of the nerve, leading to pain. Other reasons for ulnar nerve pain or ulnar palsy can be too much pressure on the hand or nerve and compression of blood vessels.

When the wrist gets held in an extended position, it stretches the soft tissues, which can cause cyclist palsy. Similarly, excess weight of the body on the wrist and hand muscles while cycling can also cause cyclist palsy. This may also be caused due to the low or high position of the handlebars, causing excess weight on the cyclist’s body’s upper limbs.

Vibrations in the hands while riding may occur because of flat, over-inflated tires or small wheels. These conditions also contribute to ulnar nerve irritation.

How to Determine the Perfect Fit for Your Glove?

The perfect glove is a necessity for bikers. This will not only prevent your hands from callusing but will also save it against cyclist’s palsy. The right fit of gloves is important for comfortable riding experience.

While looking at bike gloves, wear them to test whether they fit you or not. They should be just the right fit for your hands; they should not be too tight nor too loose. A glove that is too tight for you will be extremely uncomfortable, and you won’t be able to grip the handlebars. This will increase pressure on the ulnar nerve and cause pain.

How to Measure Your Hand for Mountain Bike Gloves

A glove too loose for your hand can be fatal and may result in injury because your hand will slip off the handlebars. Therefore, determine the right fit for your hands. This can be easily done by taking a close look at the webbing instilled in the gloves. This is usually at the pointer finger and thumb area, making it easier for you to buy gloves that fit you.

You might feel some discomfort in your hand because of the padding present in it. In this case, try a different pair to find your right fit. Gloves come in two different types: full finger and half finger gloves. It is up to your discretion to choose the type you want, but it will impact your experience.

Half finger gloves are best for on-road biking. The reason is that they provide a better grip on handlebars. Meanwhile, if you are looking for gloves for off-road biking, then full finger gloves are your best option. They provide better protection and will come in handy in case of an accident.


Cycling is a fun activity that is very fruitful in staying active and keeping yourself fit. However, with the wrong posture, the position of hands, and necessary equipment, it can quickly turn into a pain. To avoid such problems and to prevent paralyzing your hands, which can stop their function completely, you must invest in a good-quality pair of gloves.

The position of your body, as well as many other factors, also contribute to cyclist’s palsy. A right pair of gloves can distribute the pressure evenly and reduce the chances of palsy. Therefore, those who are invested in biking or are starting fresh, get yourself a pair which is just the right fit for your hands to avoid future complications.

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